Friday, March 26, 2010

Should we really forget?

Rounding my usual reading lists, I found this post.

I keep thinking that I've already read about this before, even seen it. After a few google searches to confirm my thought, alas I was wrong. I was thinking about another drug, Propanolol. I remembered it because I was kinda torn about the issue.

Should you forget the bad memories or should you hold on to it to make you stronger?

The article mentioned about traumatic experiences which can impede a person's day-to-day activities. If I've been in a car accident or a rape victim and it had left me emotionally disabled or something, maybe I can consider taking the drug.

I said I'm torn.. I haven't had any traumatic experience- yet. But I've had pain that just won't stop to the point where I considered stopping the pain -physically (why is it so hard for me to say 'suicide'?)... So if the pill can help me forget the experience, hence the pain, why not take it? But in my case there's no particular experience to forget, it's a collection of bad memories (I think).. So I should target those memories and forget? (sounds a bit like "Paycheck")

Then again, I believe we are all but the sum of our experiences. It makes us who we are. So why erase a memory?

I am not making any sense and if I'm trying to convince myself, it's not working...

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pabula_rasa said...

why should we erase painful memories?

have you watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?that is the plot.erasing the memory of another to be able to move on.

but yes,experiences makes us who we matter how crippling they can be.