Friday, March 14, 2008

atheist in korea

I've been updating my blog and I have wanted to post a link to RD's site and Pharyngula. It took time for me to figure out how to do that plus the fact that I stopped writing for a long period of time.

I recently lost a friend to leukemia and it made me think of the theist belief of the after life. Before my friend died, he promised to let me know if and when it happened. He did, under weird circumstances which are too personal to detail. Not talking about anything spiritual here. He also promised to visit me from the other side. I was actually hoping he would show me any sign that there is something out there. Alas, there's none.

Anyways, I'm here in Seoul and I've been trying to find like-minded atheist. I just joined Pinoy Atheist but they're based in 'Pinas.

I've had a lot of experience with theists here. There's a group of Christians, from Church of God i think, who wouldn't stop coming to my place. There's a Jehovah's witness lady who lives near my place who gives me pamphlets every time she sees me. I toss them away as soon as she's out of sight. Dealing with these kind of people takes patience. At first I tried to be polite. Even told them I'd visit the church when I have the time just so they'd leave me alone. These days, I don't do that anymore. I tell them flat out that I'm an atheist. I get the same reaction every time. Like, "What? Why? God have mercy on you!" .. For some reason their reaction always makes me laugh inside.


LADY LUXIE said...

ha! ha!ha!..I would so love to have seen their reaction when you told them that you're an atheist! It's probably the same reaction I get when I tell my "Christian" friends that I think a lot of the stories in the Bible are merely literature write ups and shouldn't be taken literally,or that I don't really believe in another God except one God, or that I believe people find God their own way....

Flips them really! he!he!

oh' well...I merely enjoy the stares and whisperings behind my back about how "lost" I actually am ;)

Ams said...

thanks for the comment.

my family leaves the faith issue alone but when they can preach a little here and there, they try.. I'd give them a stare or say "ok, wanna hear about how morality has nothing to do with God?". That would surely stop the sermon.

have a nice day.

Yeonghoon said...

Hello there I am very interested that you are a fellow Korean atheist (or pardon me if we are not blood brothers, but that you are just residing in Seoul haha).

I too have been quite disgusted with the state of things in my mother country. I am currently in the United States for study and I am having my fair deal of absurdities via superstition and blind faith. I will be delighted to converse with you, I believe my email address does show up. If not please write to me at:

Peace to you sir.
I wish to hear back from you.