Monday, March 31, 2008

darn the socialite gossip

I was doing fine earlier this morning reading my daily routine of perezhilton, pharyngula, RD and lastly the news (got my priorities straight huh?..:-) ..
Anyways, I was at abs-cbn news when i read this article about a blogger who's saying some nasty stuff at some socialites.. so naturally, like any gossip-loving-creature that I am would do, I googled and found Brian (wouldn't it be easier if they'd just linked to your site?).
I have already spent 3 hours reading about every nasty details in there (I had to forgo my hair appointment for this.. sucks huh... :)
One question remains for me; why are these people still not in jail? As this column pointed out, with the drug bust going on almost everyday in the Philippines (so they say), why are the rich folks not included? because of power? because of money?
They're like every self-indulgent "rich" kids who think they own the world and everything else revolve around them. Sorry, I do not like people who think they are "entitled" just because they have money. Now, I do hope you get your money back Brian..


this is from my friendster blog. just thought i'd include it here. same topic.


The internet is abuzz about the controversy surrounding Brian Gorrell / DJ Montano and the now infamous Gucci Gang ( not a positive thing for them though).
Here is Brian's blog if you haven't heard of it (I wonder how that's possible)..

The culprits involved are what make the whole thing controversial. It even made the prime time news:

People are fascinated, angered, intrigued etc. about this whole thing because Brian exposes the society that we normal people rarely see. In an article by Nereo Lujan, he asked the things I would have: If the drug allegations are true, are they so untouchable that they're not being investigated? We all know how corrupt the Philippines is, but do these elites really have no respect, no fear of the law? Here's Lujan's articles in the Iloilo Review:

According to information in Brian's blog, the GG members are hiding. Out of the country. Yeah, cuz they have money, they can just run and hide until the whole thing is over. But with the effect of the internet, instead of the controversy dying down, it has now reached millions of readers and growing. People want to see results, we want justice. We have made up our mind that Brian cannot get justice from the Philippine courts and thus the empathy.

Thus a mob will be born. In the US the suicide of Megan Meier and the subsequent harassment of Lori Drew by the "cybermob" (as one newspaper called it) led to her moving into another state. She's even included in the 'people you'll see in hell' list.

I'd assume the GG members must be feeling cornered right now. It's a small world and theirs is closing in on them. That's the power of a single blog.

It's scary sometimes.

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