Thursday, April 3, 2008

power to irritate

I'm all fired up!..

With so much rave focused on Brian's blog, I found related articles on the treatment of the issue. One was the article by Nereo Lujan which I think is interesting and respectable. The other is this article (which is the topic of debate at pinoy atheist at yahoo groups) by Malu Fernandez which a lot of people find offensive and racist.

It seems that Miss Malu F. who worked (or still works) for the Manila Standard Today has irked a lot of OFW with the article published last June 2007 (People Asia Magazine). The article titled "From Boracay to Greece" angered a lot of people. Can't blame them. I too, had to step away from my laptop for while before I decided to start writing this. Her article elicited such negative emotions that I had to control myself from the negativity. (Meaning, I want to kick her ass for belittling OFW's..wooohh, glad I got that out of my system)..
that link included her "apology"...apology my ass!!

In another article, you'll notice the name-dropping. "My good-friend here, my cool-buddy there, my favorite-nephew, my good buddy here and there".. What she did in that article was insert herself with the names of "elites".
Most people found her article on OFWs as racist and demeaning. (Elitista sila, poor lang ang the rest of us!) If you read her other articles, you'll see that there's always her effort to separate herself from the rest of the Pinoy majority. She's saying she's better than most of us so deal with it. She can say what she wants because she can.

In this one (her reaction to the Brian-blog controversy):
this one irritated me the most:
But blogging, aside from Perez Hilton and the other big time bloggers (you know who you are) is for me a slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect.Unless you’re in bloody Siberia or in a Gulag prison, try stepping outside your comfort zone and turn off the laptop or pc, you just might find some real live people to talk to instead of typing away in cyber space.

Slacker job?? past time for lonely people to connect????

And she's saying her comments there had nothing to do with the people's negative reaction to her OFW-bashing article.. Pleaseeee!!! If she's really one of the elites, what's with all the name-dropping? What, is she trying to convince her audience (which doesn't include us 'hiraps) that she one of them?
Just a thought to ponder on... Maybe I should start an anonymous blog and really let go... but then again I don’t want to be responsible for World War Three and I would sleep much better being brutally honest in your face than hide behind an anonymous name. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I started a blog just to shake things up and got a ton of money in advertising? If I do decide to do that I thank you all in advance for inspiring me… I’m always a glass half full kinda girl anyway...

Glass half-full ka dyan!! Jeezz..I need to take a pill or something after this one...

There is this thing called freedom of speech. We could say or write what we want. I'm all for that. So when someone like MF starts to belittle "us poors", let's hope she's thick-skinned enough to shield her from her notoriety.

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