Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sauna Funnies and Annoyances

I go to saunas frequently, at least two or three times a week. That's my therapy right there. I've been to big, crowded saunas with full amenities like a gym, pool, karaoke and even a restaurant inside. I hate those! I don't go there to socialize so I don't need all those. There are a couple of chang-su (little)saunas near my place. That's where I go. Here in Korea, when you enter a sauna you go strip naked. Cant have any clothes on inside except for the common room (where the other amenities are). So anyways, inside there's a spa (with hot, medium, and cold water)and a sauna (steam room). Koreans are typically very loud people so I usually go there in the morning where there are fewer women inside. I'm always annoyed at how they keep on talking loudly and never think of the other people there. I don't mind when they stare. I'm more pissed at the noise.

Recently I had this funny(or weird) experience at the sauna near my pad. A woman came up to me when I was in the spa (hot water). She said " Hi. I like your teeth, Is it yours?". I didn't know whether I should just laugh or if I should answer her. I wanted to say "Nah, I just borrowed it." I mean c'mon! It's a stupid question!
Yesterday I was at the sauna again and there was a granny who came came same time as I did. I smiled, she smiled, she's cool, and very quiet. I was minding my own at the spa when I turned and looked at the sauna (steam room with no steam so it's just basically a very hot glass room) and there she was lying on the floor with her legs up and spread wide open in the air! I could not help but smile and I thought maybe she was just cold "down there". She smiled when she saw me looking at her.

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